No one can deny that in 2014 there was a cultural shift on the topic of Marijuana & Hemp. At the epicenter of this newly minted sector arose The Wolf of Weed Street. A sharp tongue social media phenom that was identifying trends in the growing cannabis & Hemp.

The “Wolfshot” was based on two basic ideas.

  1. There wasn’t a drink for the group of people (probably living in Colorado) that could be groggy from the night before.
  1. “If someone could formulate an energy shot that was Hemp based I needed to find them.” Said The Wolf

The Wolf connected with the people at FBEC Worldwide Inc. because they had something no one else had; ingredients that have all been approved by the FDA & the exclusive rights to an energy shot formulation using the super food of HEMP.

The “WolfShot” is an all natural Hemp Energy shot that will give you the right amount of boost without giving you the shakes. Its uses are for anyone that may be recovering from:

  • A visit to Colorado
  • A Dave Matthews Band & or Snoop Dogg Concert
  • A late night studying horticulture, or any activity that leaves you groggy.

The WolfShot will have you howling for more!

FBEC Worldwide Inc. and The Wolf of Weed Street are pleased to have created a product that will have you go from counting sheep to an alert and focused wolf. For more information on ingredients please visit or