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Wolf Energy Shot – Original



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The Original WolfShot™ Hemp Energy™ flavor is the backbone behind the WolfShot™ brand. With the perfect pomegranate/cherry blend, Original flavor provides hours of 100% Natural Energy without the typical energy drink after taste. Pure energy and great taste were the only things on our mind when crafting this perfect flavor blend.

Original WolfShot™ Hemp Energy™ shots are packed with essential B-vitamins and amino acids to give you hours of energy without the crash. Crucial minerals like Zinc and Iron combine to prevent against fatigue and reach optimal energy levels and boost the immune system. Powerful antioxidants of Vitamin E combine to further immune system health and protect the body against toxins. Lastly, 100% Real Hemp Juice was added as hemp seeds have some of the most easily digested and essential amino acids for proteins.

With more caffeine than a cup of the leading premium coffee brand, Original WolfShot™ Hemp Energy™ shots are sure to give you the boost you need.

*Limit caffeine consumption to avoid nervousness, sleeplessness, and occasional rapid heartbeat.

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